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Fund firms demand greater say in U.S. risk council designations

(Reuters) - A heavyweight coalition of asset managers demanded a greater say in future decisions by the top U.S. risk council that would subject them to tougher regulation, the groups said in a letter to the U.S. Treasury.

CFPB Should Ensure Information Posted on Government Website Provides Consumers with Facts

Financial services industry remains committed to resolution of all consumer complaints Washington, DC— The Financial Services Roundtable released the following statement regarding the CFPB’s online complaint portal that would include...

3 Consumer Problems With CFPB’s Online Complaint Portal

Perpetuating false information and rumors on a government website, which should be a trusted source, doesn’t help consumers make informed decisions.

The CFPB’s Rumor Mill

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently announced its plans to begin posting unverified consumer complaint narratives online. At the time, CFPB Director Richard Corday explained that publishing unverified narratives would help consumers make better informed decisions when shopping for financial services.


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