BITS Staff

Executive Leadership

Chris Feeney is the President of BITS, the Financial Services Roundtable’s technology policy division. Christopher Feeney
President of BITS 

Chris Feeney is the President of BITS, the technology policy division of the Financial Services Roundtable, where he collaborates with the nation’s largest financial institutions, the... Read more

Team Members

audrey_abshire_2 Audrey Abshire
Project Coordinator 
Audrey Abshire, Project Coordinator, supports fTLD Registry Services by engaging fTLD’s registrars and vendors, conducting research, analyzing information, preparing reports, handling... Read more
anne_davey Anne Davey
Project Manager 
Anne Davey serves as the Project Manager for the BITS division of Financial Services Roundtable where she coordinates ongoing team projects and supports BITS staff on research and... Read more
Nancy Guglielmo Nancy Guglielmo
Vice President of Fraud Reduction 
Nancy Guglielmo is Vice President of the BITS Fraud Reduction Program, focused on identifying trends and examining risks associated with current and evolving fraud trends through... Read more
heather1 Heather Diaz
Director, Compliance and Policy  
Heather Diaz is Director, Compliance and Policy of fTLD Registry Services. She is responsible for developing and implementing policies, procedures, and controls to assist fTLD in... Read more
Heather Hogsett is BITS Vice President of Technology and Risk Strategy Heather Hogsett
Vice President of Technology and Risk Strategy 
Heather Hogsett serves as Vice President of Technology and Risk Strategy at BITS where she focuses on the development of strategic initiatives to support challenges facing member... Read more
Andrew Kennedy Andrew Kennedy
Senior Program Manager 
Andrew Kennedy joined Financial Services Roundtable's BITS in 2008 and is currently Senior Program Manager for BITS' Security initiative. He previously was project manager for the BITS... Read more
murray-kenyon-1 Murray W. Kenyon
BITS Senior Vice President 
Murray W. Kenyon leads the BITS Cybersecurity and Risk Management programs, with particular focus on cyber preparedness, information and technology sharing between the Sector and... Read more
Josh_Magri Josh Magri
Vice President, Counsel for Regulation and Developing Technologies 
Josh Magri is Vice President, Counsel for Regulation and Developing Technologies at the Financial Services Roundtable/BITS. In this role, Magri oversees regulatory, advocacy, and policy... Read more
FSRspring2014_825-Jim-Pitts Jim Pitts
Senior Project Manager 
Jim Pitts is a Senior Project Manager at the Financial Services Roundtable's BITS. He came to BITS in March 2010 to manage technology centric projects, special interest groups, and other... Read more
craig1 Craig Schwartz
Managing Director, Registry Services 
Craig Schwartz is Managing Director of fTLD Registry Services, LLC (fTLD), since 2011. fTLD was originally  founded by the Financial Services Roundtable and the American Bankers... Read more