Letters to Congress

FSR, FSSCC Send Letter Commending NIST Cybersecurity Framework

FSR co-led efforts with the FSSCC to send a letter supporting the ‘Rosetta Stone’ of cross-sector cyber defense for U.S. companies, and urged regulators to keep the NIST framework at the heart of any future cybersecurity regulations.

FSR, Joint Trades Send Letter to Secs. Kerry, Johnson on Wassenaar Arrangement Concerns

FSR signs a joint trade letter to DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson and Secretary of State John Kerry on the implementation of the Wassenaar Arrangement “intrusion software”.

Joint Letter to House Re: HR 2205 Data Breach Markup

Financial Services Joint Letter on Cybersecurity Information Sharing Legislation

Joint Trade Letter Highlights Concerns with Sec. 407 of CISA bill