The Future of FinTech and Cybersecurity are Interlocked

We are Creating the Future of Financial Technology Today In our minds, we are painting a wonderful picture, where machines perform our tasks better, faster, and cheaper that humanly possible. But make no mistake: The future of FinTech and Cybersecurity are interlocked, for without advances in cybersecurity, those same machines can destroy...

FinTech and Banking: An Exciting Opportunity

“Some Banks may see fintech as a threat, or at least as a challenge. I see it as a big and exciting opportunity for Fifth Third and the banking sector.” I have a background in information technology, which I know is unusual for a bank CEO. I first came to the financial industry through the […]

VIDEO: Something Big

In January of 2017, FSR is bringing together the world’s leaders in finance and technology for a world-class meeting of the minds in San Francisco, California. The FinTech Ideas Festival will focus on big ideas, big challenges, and big solutions as the world we live in becomes more connected and technologically advanced. How will financial...

Big Ideas Series: The Biometric Landscape

Anyone who’s ever requested a lost a password knows the pain point. Remembering your first pet’s name or your second grade teacher, having codes sent to your mobile device to allow a new password, recognizing bizarre sequences of unreadable “captcha” characters, just to name a few inconveniences. Never mind the fact that password logons...

Luke Perry Turns 50: Learning to Embrace a New Kind of Old

The getting older generation just got a new face, and I don’t mean Betty White. Luke Perry, the brooding heartthrob of Beverly Hills 90210, has turned the big 5-0. He dons the cover of this month’s AARP magazine, setting social media abuzz and causing 90210 purists to assess our own sense of youth. For most […]