Secretary John Dalton: 5 Critical Housing Questions Our Next President Needs to Answer

With the 2016 Republican and Democratic national conventions quickly approaching, it is time for the presidential candidates to lay out specific proposals regarding their governing agenda. The presidential candidates have an opportunity to better protect taxpayers and to help consumers by making housing finance reform a top priority. It’s time...

FOCUS [INFOGRAPHIC]: 5 Questions for the Candidates on Housing Finance Reform

This week, FSR urged the presidential candidates to lay out their plans for housing finance reform, including a plan to replace Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to strengthen America’s housing finance system and protect taxpayers.

Presidential Focus Series Week 1 Roundup: Protecting Consumer Data

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FOCUS VIDEO: The Bipartisan Data Security Act (H.R. 2205 & S. 961)

This week, as part of our 2016 Presidential Focus Series, we sat down with members of Congress to discuss the need for a strong national standard in protecting consumers from thieves.  To protect consumers from identity theft and fraud, Reps. Randy Neugebauer (R-TX) and John Carney (D-DE) introduced the Data Security Act (H.R. 2205) to create...

Snapping Consumers Out of the Data Security Malaise

Desensitize: To cause someone to react less to or be less affected by something. Syn: Deaden, numb, blunt.

In the context of how consumers feel when they hear of yet another major data breach that’s compromised some aspect of their personal information, I’d add the following: frustrated, angry,...