Captain Balances Deployment, Small Business with an Assist from Wells Fargo

Small businesses are faced with challenges big and small every day. For some it’s making payroll, and for others it’s employee turnover. For Capt. Thomas Feiter (pronounced “Fighter”), it was a 12-month deployment to Kuwait and Afghanistan in 2013–14, just a year and a half after starting his law practice.

POLL: 2016 Presidential Focus Series – Agenda Setting

    With the 2016 Republican and Democratic national conventions quickly approaching, FSR is launching a presidential focus series highlighting the top issues the candidates should focus on.

The Miracle of Our Payments System. And Power Tools.

Sunday was a big day for the Kratovil family.  Not only was it a celebration of the World’s Greatest Mom for Kratovil Jr., but it also saw the acquisition of a long-sought item sure to change our lives for the better:  A pressure washer. But this celebration was not all champagne, roses, P.S.I. and Honda […]

MegaTrending: #Economic Insecurity

The other day, I read an article by an acclaimed writer who boldly admitted his private humiliation: he’s one of 47% of Americans the Fed reports would have trouble coming up with $400 to pay for an emergency. The article, “The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans” describes his personal financial struggles to keep up an image of...

FSR Highlights Technology & Financial Literacy With FinLit Month Event

Last week, FSR hosted a FinTech and K-12 financial literacy event keynoted by FDIC Chairman Gruenberg.