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Put the Brakes on Patent Trolls

FSR President & CEO Tim Pawlenty penned an op-ed pushing Congress to address the rapidly growing problem that patent trolls are posing to American financial institutions and businesses.

Cooperation Needed on Cybersecurity

Ellen Ritchey, vice chairman of risk and public policy at Visa, urged cybersecurity officials and executives to meet and work together more efficiently and completely to counter threats from hackers.

Wealthy Russians Seek New Havens amid Sanctions, Legal Pressure

On March 11 in the tiny Pyrenees principality of Andorra, local authorities raided Banca Privada d’Andorra as part of an internationally coordinated investigation. The bust, which triggered the collapse of a Spanish subsidiary of the bank the next day, pursued funds held by individuals and state-affiliated entities engaged in criminal...

Obama proposal expected to worsen Americans’ retirement struggle

President Obama and his administration are on a mission to ensure Americans are able to invest and save for retirement. The administration’s implementation of its myRA program, aimed at making it easier for small businesses to help their employees save for retirement, is just one example of this mission, as well as other proposals that would...

Senate to Advance Anti-Hacking Bill Despite Privacy Objections

Privacy advocates are objecting to a bill expected to advance in the Senate Thursday that would shield companies from lawsuits when they share information about cyber attacks with each other and federal agencies.