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USU Students Finalists in National Video Contest

Online voting has started for the Save 10 organization's video contest. The nationwide contest invited contestants to create videos to encourage people to save for retirement with the winner receiving $10,000. When the top 10 finalists were announced, not just one, but two Utah State University students had their videos selected.

Local Filmmaker Selected as Finalist in National Contest

Colorado Springs resident Sam Suksiri has been chosen as a top 10 finalist in The Save 10 Coalition’s nationwide contest for creating a clever video on who, when, why and how people can save 10 percent of their income toward retirement. In his 44-second You Tube piece, “Start Early,” Suksiri tells the story of twins […]

USU Students Finalists in National Competition on Saving for Retirement

Utah State University student Natalie Howe entered a “time machine” and didn’t like what she saw when she arrived in the future: an old, beat-up shed in the middle of nowhere.

Congress Must Take Action on Retirement Income ‘Fiduciary Regulation’

A sweeping change that will hurt Americans’ ability to plan and save for retirement is on the agenda for the U.S. Department of Labor. It’s called the “fiduciary proposal,” a regulation that attempts to ensure Americans receive retirement security advice that is in their best interests.


The financial industry is rapidly adopting a new tactic in the fight against cybercrime. Plus: the state of frequent flyer perks. Cybersecurity remains a key challenge for financial institutions, with cybercrime potentially threatening banks, investors, and customers alike. A number of measures have been adopted over the years to improve...