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Labor Department Urged to Heed Constructive Ideas to Fix Fiduciary Proposal | Commentary

Is President Barack Obama’s administration serious about considering feedback in response to its proposed regulation to change the way Americans, especially low- and moderate-income Americans, are informed and educated about retirement planning?

Obama Close to Imposing Hated Rule

President Obama is likely to see the implementation of a major new rule aimed at protecting retirement savings before he leaves office, despite opposition from the financial industry and several Republicans and Democrats.

Energy Lending Caught in a Squeeze

Banks are clashing with regulators over loan reviews that could crimp the flow of new credit to the oil patch. The dispute is focused on the relatively narrow issue of loans secured by oil and gas companies’ reserves, but it highlights the much broader point of how postcrisis regulation of the financial industry is affecting sectors far from...

Can Tax Reform Save Retirement?

What could tax reform mean for the retirement struggle facing many Americans? During an event hosted by the Financial Services Roundtable titled “The Squeeze on Gen X (The Sandwich Generation),” Rep. Peter J. Roskam, R-Ill., called for tax reform in 2017 as a way to help the sandwich generation’s struggle to save for retirement, while...

Wall Street Rattles Washington

The stock market closed a wild Monday with the Dow Jones industrial average down over 500 points, setting off fresh fears about the health of the global economy. The Wall Street drama quickly spread to the 2016 campaign trail and Washington, as flashbacks to the 2008 financial crisis drew responses from the political world.