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Trade groups join Congress to push CFPB for formalized TRID grace period

A large group of industry trade organizations is joining Congress in pushing the CFPB to adopt a formalized grace period for the enforcement of the complex TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure requirements that go into effect Aug. 1.

Lock the door on credit card thieves

Pawlenty: If you knew a large group of highly trained and organized thieves was working in your neighborhood, how long would it take for you to lock your doors? Of course, we would all do it immediately -- and many of us would buy security systems and take other defensive steps as well.

Fighting Cyberattacks: A Financial Industry View

The “shortcomings” referred to in this editorial are in fact critically important legislative fixes that will empower businesses and government agencies with the best information to protect consumers and stay ahead of the rapidly evolving and increasingly malicious nature of cyberattacks.

Wall Street Doesn’t Want Senate’s ‘Rollbacks’ for Wall Street

A U.S. Senate bill to ease rules for some banks has drawn fire as a giveaway to Wall Street, even on the presidential campaign trail. But to this giveaway, the biggest U.S. banks are saying, “No, thanks.”

The Boring Employee Benefit Silicon Valley Too Often Ignores

TIM PAWLENTY: As companies look to the future and contemplate strategies for recruiting and retaining next generation employees, Silicon Valley companies offer much to consider. But, there is one more thing they may also want to consider to further benefit their future and employees.