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Coalition Starts Drive To Get Employers To Push Workers To Save 10% Of Pay

The Financial Services Roundtable announced a drive Monday called “Save 10” to prod employers to get workers to save at least 10 percent of their pay through 401(k) auto-enrollment, auto-escalation and increased employer pension contributions.

Save 10 In Your 401(k)

In a campaign to urge more employers to offer 401(k) retirement plans or beef up existing plans, the Financial Services Roundtable is inviting employers to become a Save 10 employer. “It’s kind of like the Good Housekeeping seal of approval,” says former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty who heads up the lobbying group.

Employers Can Change America’s Retirement Savings Future and It Doesn’t Have to Cost a Thing

Tim Pawlenty: How much to save for retirement is one of the most important financial decisions in a person’s life. Yet, more than half of Americans aren’t saving enough, or even at all, for retirement.

Don’t Sunset Cybersecurity

FSR penned an op/ed in Morning Consult highlighting the important work Congress needs to do to pass cyber threat info sharing, as well as problems that sunset amendments could pose to the strength of the bill.

Why Companies Must Work With Law Enforcement Before Cyberattacks

FSR CEO Tim Pawlenty discusses why Congress needs to pass cyber threat information sharing legislation immediately to protect American consumers