Investment Management

FSR advocates on behalf of members that provide investment products and services to individual and institutional investors, businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and governments (federal, state, and local); manage investments for themselves or their clients; provide financial, investment, or advisory services; and underwrite, deal-in, or make markets in capital markets financial instruments. 

Current Investment Management Priorities: 

  • Fiduciary Duties and Standards of Care
  • Systemic Risk Review of Asset Management
  • Retirement Planning and Saving
  • Regulating Municipal Securities Disclosures
  • Investment Funds Regulation
  • Retail Securities Issues
  • U.S. Securities Market Structure, Resiliency and Oversight
Candidates Should Talk About This Crisis

Presidential candidates are busy staking out positions on issues ranging from foreign affairs to the regulation of fantasy football. But one critically important issue has been largely overlooked in the campaign so far. It’s an issue that profoundly impacts the current or future well-being of nearly every American. The issue is the pressing need...

FSR Applauds House Financial Services Committee on Efforts to Advance Needed Financial Bills

FSR applauds the House Financial Services Committee today as it moves to mark up legislation designed to make financial regulations more effective for businesses and consumers, and urges lawmakers to support several key bills.

U.S. House Should Protect Americans’ Access to Financial Advice

FSR is being recognized today with the Society for Financial Education & Professional Development’s Eagle Award, which is given to an organization that does extraordinary work promoting financial literacy and makes significant contributions to financial education.

Labor Department Urged to Heed Constructive Ideas to Fix Fiduciary Proposal | Commentary

Is President Barack Obama’s administration serious about considering feedback in response to its proposed regulation to change the way Americans, especially low- and moderate-income Americans, are informed and educated about retirement planning?

FSR Sends Letter Supporting Rep. Wagner’s Retail Investor Protection Act

FSR sent a letter to the Hill supporting HR 1090, which would ensure that the sale of retail investment products is restored to the SEC, the industry’s primary regulator in this space, rather than the Department of Labor.