Lending and Leasing


FSR advocates on behalf of members that provide loans and leases to customers, including mortgage lending and servicing, credit card lending, auto and commercial equipment leasing, and lending to students and military service members.

Current Lending & Leasing:

  • GSE Reform
  • FHA Reform
  • Mortgage lending and servicing compliance requirements
  • Military service member and small business lending and serving requirements
  • Fair lending and disparate impact
  • Credit card compliance requirements
  • Secured finance, including indirect auto lending, privacy notices, CFPB privilege, and international harmonization of regulations


FSR’s 2017 Priorities

  Modernizing Financial Regulation to Create Opportunity and Grow the Economy FSR supports a financial regulatory system effectively tailored to grow the economy and create jobs, while protecting taxpayers and the consumers we serve. That means ensuring people have the opportunity to buy a home or send their children to college, insure...

Letter to the CFPB on Arbitration

FSR, along with the American Bankers Association and the Consumer Bankers Association note the ways in which a proposed rule from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on arbitration fails to protect consumers and is inconsistent with the CFPB’s March 2015 study on consumer arbitration. As result of these deficiencies, the associations urge...

FSR Statement for the Record for Financial Institutions Subcommittee FinTech Hearing

FSR today submitted a statement for the record for a Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit Subcommittee hearing on the evolution and continued convergence of the financial services industry and technology innovators – “FinTech” – particularly in the small business and lending marketplace.

POLL: 2016 Presidential Focus Series – Agenda Setting

    With the 2016 Republican and Democratic national conventions quickly approaching, FSR is launching a presidential focus series highlighting the top issues the candidates should focus on.

G-Fee is a Tax on Homebuyers, Refinancers

HPC, a division of the Financial Services Roundtable (FSR), applauds an amendment by Senators Mike Crapo and Mark Warner to remove a provision from the Highway Bill, currently being considered in Congress, that would effectively be a tax on homebuyers and refinancers.