Lending and Leasing


FSR advocates on behalf of members that provide loans and leases to customers, including mortgage lending and servicing, credit card lending, auto and commercial equipment leasing, and lending to students and military service members.

Current Lending & Leasing:

  • GSE Reform
  • FHA Reform
  • Mortgage lending and servicing compliance requirements
  • Military service member and small business lending and serving requirements
  • Fair lending and disparate impact
  • Credit card compliance requirements
  • Secured finance, including indirect auto lending, privacy notices, CFPB privilege, and international harmonization of regulations


FSR Praises Johnson-Crapo Wind-Down of Fannie and Freddie

Elements of the Johnson-Crapo bill that FSR supports include ensuring the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage remains available to Americans and creating a mortgage insurance fund to shield taxpayers from future bailouts.

A Step Closer to Replacing Fannie and Freddie with a Stronger Housing System

The Johnson-Crapo agreement highlights the major issues that lawmakers, the Administration and industry stakeholders agree should be part of housing finance reform legislation. We expect Committee Chairman Tim Johnson (D-SD) and Ranking Republican Member Mike Crapo (R-ID) to release a draft bill publicly in the next several days.

Letter of Support: H.R. 4167, the Restoring Proven Financing for American Employers Act

Financial Services Roundtable (“FSR”) supports H.R. 4167, the Restoring Proven Financing for American Employers Act, sponsored by Rep. Andy Barr, and thanks the Committee for its consideration. The bill makes an important improvement to Section 13 of the Bank Holding Company Act (also known as the Volcker Rule) which will aid banking entities...

GSE Reform Principals Promising Step in the Right Direction

“The government housing finance monopoly should end and the reform principles announced today are a positive step towards needed reform,” said Tim Pawlenty, CEO of FSR. “The time for reform is long overdue and we hope the broad, bipartisan support for the principles unveiled today helps propel action by the Senate. FSR looks forward to...

Janet Yellen to Congress: Get GSE Reform Done

Janet Yellen added the voice of the Federal Reserve to the growing call for Congress to move swiftly to decide the future of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Yellen told the House Financial Services Committee during a hearing yesterday that it was “very important” for Congress to create a new system that will address the future of government...