Press Releases

RoundDon’t Overhaul Regulatory Capital Framework without Due Diligence

In a joint-trade comment letter, submitted to regulators today, The Financial Services Roundtable recommended that regulatory agencies withdraw their Standardized Approach proposal regarding the Basel III regulatory capital framework, which deviates significantly from the standardized approach agreed to by the Basel Committee, and conduct an...

Banks On Track to Reach 3 Year Small Business Lending Goal

One year ago in a joint-announcement with the SBA and the Administration, 13 major banks committed to increase lending to small businesses in underserved communities by $20 billion over the next three years

Former Governor Tim Pawlenty Named CEO of The Financial Services Roundtable

The Financial Services Roundtable today named former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty as its new President and Chief Executive Officer, effective November 1, 2012.