Regulatory Comment Letters

FSR Letter to Federal Reserve on Single-Counterparty Credit Limits—Insurance Topics

FSR notes items that the Federal Reserve Board should take into account when they seek to extend their Single-Counterparty Credit (SCCL) Rules to non-bank institutions.

Federal Reserve Proposed Single Counterparty Credit Limits

FSR in cooperation with four other associations suggest ways to make the Federal Reserve Board’s proposal less complex and more aligned with current regulatory standards on counterparty exposure.

Incentive-Based Compensation Requirements: Deadline Extension Request

FSR in cooperation with four other industry associations ask for at least a 150-day comment period to respond to a recent joint-agency proposal that places more regulations and specific limits on bonus payments to financial services employees. The associations note that allowing the public to have sufficient time to analyze the rule will ensure...

FSR Comment Letter on Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Implementing Section 205 of the Dodd-Frank Act

FSR EGRPRA Comment Letter on Reducing Regulatory Burden

In response to a fourth request for comment from the Prudential Regulators (the Federal Reserve Board, FDIC, and OCC) on how to improve unnecessary or burdensome regulations, FSR identified several areas were regulatory reform would be helpful. Topics that are addressed in the letter include: (1) Suggested reforms to how regulators conduct annual...