Risk Management


FSR advocates for the development of robust risk management practices that protect the financial and reputational strength of financial institutions, their customers, and the financial system. Risk management priorities cover insurance industry, systemic risk, prudential risk, and enterprise risk issues.

Policy discussions in this area are continually informed though input for executives that serve on the FSR Risk Management Policy Committee as well as the FSR Chief Risk Officers Council.

Current Risk Management Priorities:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Federal Government Involvement in Insurance Regulation
  • Reauthorization of the National Flood Insurance Program
  • Capital Planning & Stress Testing Requirements
  • Resolution and Recovery Plan Requirements
  • The Designation Process of the Financial Stability Oversight Council
  • Patents and Intellectual Property
  • Capital Standards for Financial Entities (Bank & Non-Bank)
  • Bankruptcy Reform and “Too Big to Fail” Issues
  • Swaps & Derivatives
FSR CEO Tim Pawlenty Testifies Before Senate Committee on Data Breach Partnership

Financial Services Roundtable (FSR) CEO Tim Pawlenty today outlined ways the financial industry is protecting consumers, collaborating with retailers, and the steps it needs from policymakers to further protect customers from cyber attacks in testimony before the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

“Data Breach on the Rise: Protecting Personal Information from Harm” – Tim Pawlenty Testimony, 4/2/14

Cyber risk is increasing in pace, complexity and potential impact. The threat has expanded from fraudsters committing financial theft to hacktivists causing disruptions and nation states threatening serious data manipulation and destruction. Cyber risk affects all institutions in our sector – large and small, banks, credit unions, insurers and...

Letter Re: “Big Data” – Request for Information

The Financial Services Roundtable (FSR) is pleased to respond to the government’s request for information concerning the collection, analysis and use of “big data” published in the Federal Register on March 4, 2014 by the Office of Science and Technology Policy.

FSR Commends Chairman Mike Rogers for Cybersecurity Work

“Chairman Mike Rogers has been a tireless champion for improving America’s ability to defend against cyber attacks. He will definitely be missed,” said FSR CEO Tim Pawlenty.

FSR: Stress Tests Show Healthy, Secure Financial Industry

“We look forward to our continued work with policy leaders in Washington to ensure that the financial industry overall is able to continue robust lending to businesses and consumers, providing insurance and meeting the investment needs of nearly every American.”