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Roundtable Roundup: FSR’s Pawlenty: Cyberattacks are ‘existential threat’

Cyber attackers who are breaching the payments system to steal consumers’ sensitive personal data are an “existential threat” to the U.S. economy, a growing problem that requires Congress to take swift action, FSR President & CEO Tim Pawlenty told the House Financial Services Committee during a data breach hearing yesterday.

Roundtable Roundup: FSR Cybersecurity Update

The House today passed the second of two key cyber threat information sharing bills—notable steps toward the finish line on an issue where FSR has led the charge on behalf of the entire financial industry.

Roundtable Roundup: House Moves on Cyber Threat Info Sharing Bills

The House Homeland Security Committee marked up a second key cyber threat information sharing bill this week. The path to floor action on strong cyber threat information sharing legislation continues to look hopeful as there is a also second bill in motion from the House Intelligence Committee, which FSR supports.

FSR Cybersecurity Update

FSR President & CEO Tim Pawlenty joined a panel with Ellen Richey, Vice Chairman of Risk and Policy at VISA Inc. and other experts to discuss the need for information sharing legislation as part of Bloomberg Government’s “In Digital We Trust” series last week. Pawlenty also testified before the House Intelligence Committee last month to...

Roundtable Roundup: Washington Politicians Charging Toward Potential Cybersecurity Solutions

Calls for Washington lawmakers to address gaping holes in the nation’s cybersecurity laws are gaining notable traction with lawmakers this spring as both the House and Senate are developing bills aimed at heightening consumer protections.