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Save 10 is a business to business, peer to peer effort to encourage responsible employers to help their employees better prepare for a secure retirement by enabling them to Save 10% of their income, including through automatic savings programs.

SAVE 10 is a coalition of best-in-class employers and resource partners who offer, are committed to offering, or are helping Americans achieve retirement security through Saving 10%.

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Video Contest winner announced!

“Sally's Lemonade” – Paige Rood, Utah

The response to our Save 10 $tories Video Contest was huge! And after your votes were tallied, we have a winner. Congratulations to Paige Rood from Utah State University who takes home the grand prize of ,000! “Sally’s Lemonade” tells the story of a girl named Sally who saved 10% of her earnings from a lemonade stand toward retirement. The end result is a strong, successful financial future. Thanks to Paige and all our contestants who showed America who, when, why, and how anyone can Save 10.


FSR Receives Financial Literacy Award from Society for Financial Education & Prof. Development

FSR is being recognized today with the Society for Financial Education & Professional Development’s Eagle Award, which is given to an organization that does extraordinary work promoting financial literacy and makes significant contributions to financial education.

One Thing Every Employer Should be Doing for Their Employees

“Companies to Workers: Start Saving More—Or We’ll Do It for You” This is the headline from a recent Wall Street Journal article by Kirsten Grind. It sounds scary, but this is what it really means: “Workers, your employers are going to help you be prepared to enjoy your retirement, and they are going to give […]

Roundtable Roundup: Treasury Sec. Lew Headlines FSR Executive Conference

U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew praised retirement savings efforts, including FSR’s Save 10 initiative, during a conversation at the Financial Services Roundtable’s fall executive conference with FSR CEO Tim Pawlenty last week. Save 10 is an effort to encourage more retirement savings via employers, including by advocating for proven...

Savor Your Summers and Weather Your Winters

In the well-known fable by Aesop, a grasshopper savors the summer by chirping and singing, while an ant toils all summer long to store up food for the winter. There is some merit in both characters’ actions. The grasshopper makes the most of the season, and enjoys the beauty and simplicity of summer. He does what’s easy, and lives his life to...

More Employers Join ‘Save 10’ Initiative to Help Workers Save

A wide swath of middle-income Americans are concerned about the potential outcomes that a Department of Labor’s proposed conflict of interest rule will have on their retirement preparation, according to a new study of more than 1,000 middle-class IRA holders. Of particular concern for IRA holders is the significant impact the proposed rule could...