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Save 10 is a business to business, peer to peer effort to encourage responsible employers to help their employees better prepare for a secure retirement by enabling them to Save 10% of their income, including through automatic savings programs.

SAVE 10 is a coalition of best-in-class employers and resource partners who offer, are committed to offering, or are helping Americans achieve retirement security through Saving 10%.

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Video Contest winner announced!

“Sally's Lemonade” – Paige Rood, Utah

The response to our Save 10 $tories Video Contest was huge! And after your votes were tallied, we have a winner. Congratulations to Paige Rood from Utah State University who takes home the grand prize of ,000! “Sally’s Lemonade” tells the story of a girl named Sally who saved 10% of her earnings from a lemonade stand toward retirement. The end result is a strong, successful financial future. Thanks to Paige and all our contestants who showed America who, when, why, and how anyone can Save 10.


Two New Papers Show Merits of Auto Enroll, Auto Escalation in Retirement Plans

Auto-enrollment and auto-escalation are easy and impactful ways that employers can help their employees save for retirement. Two new studies, one by Boston College and another by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, back that point up.

Roundtable Roundup: US Treasury, Northern Trust, Milliman, Assurant, Unum and CED Make ‘The Business Case for Auto-Enrollment’ with FSR

The use of auto-enrollment to encourage Americans to save for retirement through their employer sponsored savings plans was the focus of FSR’s “The Business Case for Auto-Enrollment” event this week, which featured Senior Advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury Mark Iwry and Northern Trust President of Asset Management Steve Potter, among...

Media Advisory: FSR Event to Feature Iwry of Treasury, Northern Trust, Milliman, Unum, CED, Assurant

On Monday, June 15, FSR and CEO Tim Pawlenty will host a financial security event “The Business Case for Auto-Enrollment & Increasing Financial Security”, which will include remarks and a panel discussion with key retirement and financial security experts from the federal government, major corporations and think tanks.

Roundtable Roundup: FSR’s Pawlenty: Cyberattacks are ‘existential threat’

Cyber attackers who are breaching the payments system to steal consumers’ sensitive personal data are an “existential threat” to the U.S. economy, a growing problem that requires Congress to take swift action, FSR President & CEO Tim Pawlenty told the House Financial Services Committee during a data breach hearing yesterday.

The Boring Employee Benefit Silicon Valley Too Often Ignores

TIM PAWLENTY: As companies look to the future and contemplate strategies for recruiting and retaining next generation employees, Silicon Valley companies offer much to consider. But, there is one more thing they may also want to consider to further benefit their future and employees.