FSR: Statement on Financial Services Executive Order


February 3, 2017

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FSR: Statement on Financial Services Executive Order

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Modernizing financial regulatory systems is one of the most important steps the Trump Administration can take to promote economic growth, opportunity and investment, the Financial Services Roundtable (FSR) said in reaction to an executive order the Administration released today.

“Modernizing America’s financial regulatory system in ways that will grow the economy, create jobs and protect consumers as well as taxpayers is a key ingredient to boosting financial opportunities for America’s families and businesses,” said CEO Tim Pawlenty.

FSR also looks forward to working closely with the Administration and Congress to: advance long overdue housing finance and GSE reform, improve the Financial Stability Oversight Council’s process for designating systemically important financial companies, increase accountability and transparency for regulators in areas such as consumer financial protection, adopt appropriate capital and regulatory standards and more.

FSR is reviewing all the components of today’s Executive Order but looks forward to working with the Administration to provide constructive input on needed and helpful reforms.


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