FSR: White House Cyber Directive Positive Step for Cyber Coordination


July 26, 2016

Contact: Adam Rice
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Contact: Alison Hawkins
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FSR: White House Cyber Directive Positive Step for Cyber Coordination

Directive could improve coordination and provide clarity around cyber incident response

Washington, D.C. — A Presidential Policy Directive (PPD) released today by the White House has the potential to clarify roles and responsibilities while improving coordination before and during a cyber incident said the Financial Services Roundtable (FSR).

“Ensuring the private sector and the government clearly understand roles and responsibilities in advance of a cyber incident is critical in ensuring consumers are protected,” said Chris Feeney, President of BITS, FSR’s Cyber and Technology Policy division.

FSR has worked closely with federal regulators as they advance implementation of the recently passed CISA legislation and other measures that seek to improve the nation’s cyber defenses.

FSR is further analyzing today’s PPD and will provide more in-depth commentary this week.


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