G-Fee is a Tax on Homebuyers, Refinancers


July 28, 2015

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Contact: Alison Hawkins
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G-Fee is a Tax on Homebuyers, Refinancers

HPC Sends Letter to Senators Crapo & Warner Supporting G-Fee Amendment to Highway Bill

Washington, DC—The Housing Policy Council (HPC), a division of the Financial Services Roundtable (FSR), applauds an amendment by Senators Mike Crapo and Mark Warner to remove a provision from the Highway Bill, currently being considered in Congress, that would effectively be a tax on homebuyers and refinancers.

G-fees are paid for by consumers in the form of higher interest rates, hitting both new homebuyers and those refinancing current loans. HPC, along with other housing trade associations, sent a letter today to Senators Crapo and Warner supporting the amendment.

“G-fees are a critical risk management tool used by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to protect against losses from faulty loans. Increasing g-fees for other purposes – even just extending the current fee increase for four years – effectively taxes potential homebuyers and consumers looking to refinance their mortgages,” the letter said. “…implementing yet another g-fee increase unrelated to housing needs will act to hinder the necessary reforms required of the GSEs in the years ahead.”

The full letter can be read here: http://fsroundtable.org/joint-trade-letter-in-support-of-crapo-warner-amendment-on-g-fees/

For more information, contact Alison Hawkins at Alison.Hawkins@FSRoundtable.org


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