Kids Learn How to Save, Spend and Share Money at BMO’s Bango Brunch

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Kids Learn How to Save, Spend and Share Money at BMO’s Bango Brunch


Meet Bango. He’s a friendly, furry, six-foot-tall deer — well, a buck, actually. He loves kids, he dances like a pro and he’s the mascot of the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team. As a close pal of the folks at BMO Harris Bank, Bango is also a bit more financially savvy than your average deer, and recognizes the importance of teaching kids early on about managing money.

This past spring, Bango helped us gather more than 130 Milwaukee-area kids and their parents, invited by several local nonprofits, at the BMO Harris Bradley Center (the Bucks’ home turf) for a day of food, fun, basketball — and financial education.

It was a great recipe for teaching kids the basics of managing money. Starting with $20 (play money), the kids could “save, spend and share” at each of three booths, staffed by employee volunteers. As they visited the booths, the kids were taught a bit about the importance of each of these facets of handling money.

Meanwhile, parents were invited to visit a separate area where they learned about the Talk With Our Kids About Money program, developed by our partner, CFEE. The website includes tools and resources for parents to work money conversations into day-to-day interactions with their kids!

After the brunch, attendees were guests of BMO Harris and the Milwaukee Bucks at a basketball game, where the Bucks beat the Brooklyn Nets — a perfect ending to a day of food, fun, financial education and basketball.

Congratulations BMO Financial Group!