SunTrust Promotes Financial Well-Being through Volunteerism, Donations

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SunTrust Promotes Financial Well-Being through Volunteerism, Donations

Making a difference is a big part of how The SunTrust Foundation and SunTrust Banks, Inc. operate.  Last year, The SunTrust Foundation provided significant financial support to various organizations, including educational institutions, local United Ways, Operation HOPE, Junior Achievement and the American Red Cross.  The SunTrust Foundation donations totaled $12 million, and SunTrust donated $1.2 million. It also was a record year for teammate giving.  SunTrust teammates contributed $6.2 million during their annual United Way campaign, the largest in the company’s history. Finally, teammates logged more than 180,000 volunteer hours in 2013, with significant efforts dedicated to advancing financial well-being.

Year-to-date, the company has undertaken several initiatives to build financial literacy:

  • In January, SunTrust volunteers gathered at the Junior Achievement Finance Park in Atlanta to help students to see how job, income, education and family scenarios come into play when making financial decisions.
  • SunTrust launched the first Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program in Charlotte County, Florida, to provide tax preparation services to low- and moderate-income families.
  • The SunTrust Hispanic/Latino Business Resources Team established a partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida to deliver financial education to students participating in after-school program.
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SunTrust teammates across their footprint volunteer in ways that promote the company’s “Purpose of Lighting the Way to Financial Well-Being” and share the value of planning, budgeting and making sound financial decisions.

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In support of Financial Literacy Month in April, SunTrust is promoting its Financial Well-Being training modules and financial education resources for use in community outreach.   Each year, the company provides eight hours of volunteer time and a “Day of Purpose” to help deliver financial well-being.

Congratulations SunTrust!